Our Group

Our core business activity is the establishment and administration of trusts, companies and other asset-holding arrangements in different jurisdictions to suit our client families’ objectives. Where appropriate we also provide accounting and investment performance monitoring services to support these arrangements. We have an extensive network of professional advisers and other specialists with whom we partner to suit our families’ requirements. Some of our client families ask us to perform an additional role as coordinators of their service providers around specific transactions or on an ongoing basis. This has led us to develop a suite of services to support Family Offices.


Landmark’s front and back office, management professionals and all our other staff is a 60-strong team dedicated to our clients. We have a wonderful melange of nationalities and collectively speak more than 20 languages. Many of our staff have careers with the Group measured in decades and have relationships with our clients spanning three generations.


At Landmark, we cherish our independence of ownership and thought, and our long and stable heritage. This means we can focus fully on the needs of our clients, acting in their best interests without undue external influence, providing flexible solutions to their wealth planning needs with integrity and impartiality. At the same time, we keep fully abreast of and adapt to the many changes affecting the global environment in which clients need to continue to create and protect their wealth.


With locations in Geneva, Hong-Kong, London and Monaco, we are able to serve clients and markets across the globe. As our clients’ needs and our industry evolve, we keep under assessment the potential of establishing Landmark offices in additional jurisdictions.


The Group’s origins are in Monaco where its activities began in 1974 when its principal trust company was incorporated. From 1985 onwards, the present management joined the Group which now comprises the original business in Monaco, the office in Geneva since 2003 and the office in London which was amalgamated in 2016. Through an associate office, the Group also offers trust and company services in Hong Kong.