Angela Gomes


After obtaining her diploma in Management & Planning of Production in Portugal, Angela started her career in a small fiduciary company in Switzerland working with mostly Swiss incorporated companies. She joined Landmark in 2014 as an Accountant.

Luciano Gobbi

Senior Advisor

Luciano was formerly the executive chairman of Banca di Piacenza and prior to that he was CFO of the Pirelli Group. He is also an alumnus of J.P. Morgan Chase and was a vice president of the Chase Manhattan Bank in the eighties. Luciano has a wealth of experience and numerous contacts in the family owned business world in Italy, the UK and elsewhere, and brings the benefits of his network and knowledge to his role as a senior adviser for the Landmark Group. Luciano’s role encompasses helping existing clients of Landmark and introducing Landmark to new families requiring wealth structuring solutions and new professional partners.

Muriel Mercier

Senior Trust Officer

Muriel worked four years at CERN (The European Organization for Nuclear Research) of which two years as assistant to the UK Liaison Office and two years as assistant to the Head of Finance Department. She began working in the financial services industry with Landmark in 2007. During her first two years of employment with Landmark she also headed the back office for the STEP-Geneva branch. In 2019, she was promoted as Senior Trust Officer, during that same year she obtained her TEP designation.

Nicola Woolridge

Compliance Officer

Nicola graduated with a first class Law degree (LLB) from Coventry University in the UK, which included a year abroad at a university in Sweden. She was first introduced to Landmark through two work experience placements in 2014 in Monaco and 2015 in Geneva. In 2019 Nicola was promoted to Compliance Officer and obtained that same year the TEP designation with distinction.

Nicolas Jouan

Client Director

Graduating from the University of Neuchatel with a master in Law, Nicolas started working for two years at a Swiss Law firm. After working at a large UK Bank Trust Company he joined a large Trust and Corporate service provider where he worked for almost 9 years of which the last years he was a director. Nicolas obtained the TEP designation with distinction in 2011 and joined Landmark in the autumn of 2017.

Nigel Carter


Nigel headed up the business services unit of an accountancy firm in Hong Kong before leaving to become a director of a trust company in the Isle of Man. He joined the Landmark Group in Monaco in 2000, before transferring to Geneva in 2005 to establish the office there.

Tineke Kapinga

Office Manager

After graduating with a diploma in Hotel Management in the Netherlands, Tineke worked for more than 10 years in the hotel industry, 8 of which were spent in Belgium. Tineke then changed direction, spending four years with a private bank in Geneva. She joined Landmark in 2012 as the Geneva Office Manager.

Victoria Shikhmanova

Trust Officer

Victoria graduated from the Saint Petersburg State University with a Bachelor degree in Law. For the next 10 years she worked as an in-house lawyer for companies in Saint Petersburg and Moscow and thereafter as an operational coordinator for an oil trading company in Moscow. Victoria joined Landmark in 2016. In 2019 Victoria was promoted to Trust Officer and obtained that same year the TEP designation with distinction.

Yuliya Gusak

Head of Accounting

After completing a Master's Degree in International Economic Relations from the State University of Ukraine, Yuliya came to Geneva to continue her studies at the University of Geneva, graduating with a Swiss Federal Diploma in Finance and Accounting in 2014. Yuliya joined Landmark Geneva at its inception and now heads the Geneva accounting team.